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Fine Art & Antique Removal services

Moving antiquities and fine art is something that requires knowledge and experience to ensure your valuable items are handled with care and precision.

Moving antiques and fine art can also be nerve racking however with UK EU Removals it doesn’t have to be. You can relax knowing that you’re engaging a trustworthy and reliable removalist with a strong reputation for perfection.

To ensure the safe removals of antique furniture and artwork, the materials we use include cardboard, various types of bubble wrap, loose fill and wooden crates.

Paper is used to protect china and glass before it is placed in a cardboard box.

All the materials we use are available and it is important to have the right kit, however a lot antique furniture is very breakable and often irreplaceable so to ensure a safe removal for your antique items, it is wise not to work alone and to employ a specialist removal company like UK EU Removals who will know exactly how to pack, and more importantly, how to load safely.

If you need to move antique furniture or fine arts please contact us or check our price page for more details.