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Packing service - wrapping, packaging and unpacking

When your move is about to happen, along with the agitation that will occupy your thoughts, you will have to consider, many aspects of the future move. With us can be carried out in the smoothest and stress free manner. Every move can be subdivided into several procedures on which the integrity of your household goods depends.
Packing is the service that is responsible for the wholeness of your items using inappropriate wrapping materials or inattentive packing may cause undesired damages. Trying to save some money by doing all the packing on your own may turn out to be rather expensive.

Packing materials

UK EU Removals has an extensive array of packing & boxes, as well as accessories and tools that are a prerequisite for a sound and well-planned household packing.
Our removals boxes are high quality and come in various sizes and functionality. Besides regular cardboard boxes, there are special shape and multi division boxes, which are suitable for objects such as bottles, glasses, small bits and pieces and souvenirs. We have boxes that will match any of your domestic contents, as well as foam peanuts, bubble wrap, loose fill, packing paper and other similar padding for extra security for more fragile pieces. Boxing tape, stickers and labels will finalize your packing process and will get your boxes ready to leave for your new home.

Inevitably, at some point during your move, your mattress will touch the ground or another surface, including the floor of your moving vehicle. It therefore needs protection. Like our furniture protection products, our mattress covers are available in two alternative materials polythene or quilted mattress cover.
Quilted mattress covers are stronger and easier to handle by the crew during loading unloading process in properties with narrow stairs. Polythene mattress covers are tough strong and ideal for protecting your mattress in storage.

For packing and removal service quote please contact us or check our price page.