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Terms & Conditions UK EU Removals

1. The quotation given do not include any fees payable to government or other statutory bodies.

2. We reserve the right to amend the quote or to make additional charge if any of the bellow apply:

  • The quote have been given over 3 months (is subject to agreement)
  • We have not been advise correctly before giving the quote the floors and elevator, above 2nd floor charge may incur.
  • The walking distance from the property to the van is higher than 20 yards and we have not been advised.
  • Any fee for the parking or charges have incur during the service.
  • We will provide any additional service.

3. We can not guaranty availability therefore please ask for our confirmation before booking.

4. All quotation comes with the insurance as per quote given. In order to make a claim for the insurance we require £250 excess fee to be paid by the customer.

5. Will be no additional fees for work done on public bank holiday, Saturday, Sunday or late in the evening.

6. If there is waiting time for the keys during the day may apply hourly rate, charge.

7. Dismantling service do not include built-in furniture, unless advised.

8. Will not move or store gas childminders, jewelry, watches, precious stones, money, deeds, stamps,live stock, coins, arms, painting cans or explosive items.

9. Prepare the goods suitably for the move. We are responsible for the loos or damage of your goods appliances just if is due to our negligence. Food and drinks from the fridge/freezer have to be packed and moved by the customers.

10. Is your responsibility to check the furniture and the property at the delivery address before the team have left the property.

11. Electrical goods like TV, Monitors, DVD, speakers, have to be properly packed before loading in order to be insured.

12. By accepting our quote you are confirming to us that you are the owner of the goods or you have the right to store or move them.

13. In case of Canceling the job with us will be losing your deposit paid if you give notice after the 10 days before the move. If is less than 24 hours will still need to pay for the move in full.

14. For payment done over the phone will be additional charges for credit cards. Card payment may incurred an administration charge. Do not accept American express cards.

15. Payment for the service have to be done before unloading, otherwise will have the right to withhold the goods till the payment is done and to charge additional fee if additional fee is required.